Crossroads bids farewell to ITV (again)

Crossroads a brand name known to every house in Britain ends its third and final series this coming Friday.

In 1988, 12 million viewers mourned the passing of one of Britain’s most ground breaking soaps. A huge outcry of Crossroads axing caused fans to protest at the end of a television institute. In 2003 Crossroads ends for the second time. However this time there is no publicity, no trailers and most of all no outcry.

The 2001-2003 series of Crossroads is to be turned into one long dream, even Carlton are erasing their disaster of trying to re-launch a legend.

The Crossroads of 1988 wasn’t axed because of low audience figures or weak plots, it ended simply because Central TV didn’t want the show. Carlton would have loved to have a popular soap, and Crossroads could have been. The history of Crossroads will be written and the legend, with its 18 million viewers will outshine the glossy Carlton “loosely based” series.

As we’ve always said at ATV Newszone, if its called Crossroads it should be Crossroads. That doesn’t mean going back to the 1970s, but simply getting the history, the facts, the continuity right. Bringing in some familiar faces to add that authentic touch. Crossroads 2001 for its merits could have been Crossroads, and could have been popular. The 2003 version also had the potential to win over the audience, Yvon Grace made more links to the past, but it was all too little too late. And of course the glam era should have been left in the 1980s like Dallas and Dynasty.

As said on the TV Forum site:

“Two problems with Crossroads, its not the 1980s and Kings Oak isn’t Dallas.”