Sherrie Hewson joins Emmerdale

Former Coronation Street actress Sherrie Hewson, better known to fans as shopkeeper Maureen Holdsworth, starts work on her third soap next week.

Sherrie as Virginia Raven in Carlton’s Crossroads.

In Emmerdale Sherrie takes on the role of Lesley, mother of Fish Monger Simon.

“It’s all a bit confusing for me because Lucy Pargeter, who is Chastity, played my daughter Helen in Crossroads!” she told The Sun.

With her arrival in Emmerdale it means she has now appeared in all three of ITV’s major soaps. She played Maureen Holdsworth in Coronation Street during most of the 1990s and was receptionist Virginia Raven in Crossroads from 2001 to 2003.

Sherrie, third left, with Crossroads co-stars in 2000.

Speaking about her new character, she has a bit of the Virgina Raven about her.

“Lesley has a bitchy side to her, which she uses against Simon’s girlfriends.”

Sherrie, as well as her new soap role, will also be returning to ITV’s daytime chat show Loose Women for her second season as a regular panelist.

Sherrie, far right, on ITV’s Loose Women.