Demons [Week Three]


DemonsFind out what happens in second episode of ITV’s new supernatural drama series, Demons.


Demons [Week Three] Episode Two: ITV1, Saturday 10th January. 7.20pm


In the second episode six-year-old Madge (Kizzy Mee) might think her sister has been ‘taken up to heaven by an angel’ but Galvin (Philip Glenister) suspects otherwise. Everything points to half-life Demonsinvolvement and he thinks it’s the perfect project for Luke (Christian Cooke). A visit to zombie priest, Father Simeon (Richard Wilson) confirms Galvin’s suspicions. Gilgamel is no angel – he’s a demon, a travesty demon, a grade nine entity attracted by the odour of sanctity. When, due to Luke’s carelessness, Ruby’s (Holliday Grainger) younger brother Jamie (Ben Walker) becomes his latest victim, they are left with no choice and must summon the two thousand year old half-life and defeat him if the children are not to be lost forever.