Gay character for Stargate Universe

SyFyForthcoming Sci Fi series Stargate Universe will feature a regular lesbian character, the first gay character in the Stargate franchise.


SyFyNew Stargate spin-off series Stargate Universe will feature the franchise’ first openly gay character. Actress Ming-Na will play the character of Camille Wray, the I.O.A representative onboard the ship Destiny – which is flung far across the universe. During the course of the first series her character will be revealed as a lesbian and in a relationship with a woman named Sharon, who could possibly become a recurring character herself on the series.


“There are at least one and potentially more gay characters on Universe.  This goes towards our goal to make the characters on Universe as complex and complicated and realistic and identifiable as we can, to as many people as we can and that’s not just a desire for ratings. That’s the desire to portray humanity and make a show that is saying something about who we are.” Robert C. Cooper, series creator, talking to fans at a Stargate convention.


Stargate Universe is the latest entry in the franchise following on from spin-off series Atlantis and SG-1, which followed the original Stargate movie. While Atlantis and SG-1 no longer run as weekly shows several television movies have been produced with more on the way. Stargate Universe will premier later this year, most likely in the autumn.