Word on the Web: New Enders Titles

Last week the EastEnders team unveiled the slightly revamped set of titles and theme music which will start airing from this coming Monday. The revamp to the titles and music is just to bring them more up-to-date with the titles being influenced by Google Earth. The only real difference viewers will note with the new titles is the addition of a boat, clouds and a blue river. Some of you have already seen the new titles and have emailed us with your opinions and below is a selection of them.


“I’ve always found EastEnders to be the most boring title sequence. That new one looks ok – but not exactly the WOW factor is it?” – Jack


“They actually remind me of the Bergerac titles. They had clouds in them but obviously looked a little more fake” – Jane


“It was about time they updated them and I like the harp in the music now” – Polly


“Always seemed to be a wasted opportunity with EastEnders titles as London has so many great views they could use, but don’t.” – Malla


“They look cheap and nasty” – Jayways09


Long overdue, but usual BBC idiocy when it comes to branding. The producer doesn’t like the wipe effect, so it’s gone in favour of a bland fade. …the wipe reveal of the logo is as much a part of the titles as the whole map aspect, and looks far better than just fading it on. – Brekkie [TV Forum]


“The EastEnders text wipe reveal is as bigger part of the title sequence as the Thames itself.” – Jon 


“The theme sounds very plinky-plonky, echoey and airy and not as sharp as the current one. I think that’s just going to annoy me. The drop shadow looks very cheap and so does the fade. The wipe has symbolised EastEnders since 1985.

“But the clouds and the and the zoom are good, But the skyline now looks a lot greyer and static than before because of the colourised Thames.”  – RDJ [TV Forum]


A History of the EastEnders Titles can be found in this weeks Soap Weekly, here