Last week for Guiding Light fans


CBSAfter 72 years of broadcasting the longest running soap in the world, Guiding Light, will draw to a close on Friday as the American daytime soap enters its final week.




CBSThis week marks the end of the longest running soap in the world as American daytime series Guiding Light, originally The Guiding Light, draws to a close. On Friday 18th the soaps final episode will air and with it will draw to a close a piece of television history. The soap was cancelled in April of this year due to declining ratings – something plaguing all American daytime soaps over the past few years.




The Guiding Light originally launched as radio soap in 1937, originally on NBC radio. The soap was CBScreated by writer Irna Phillips and in 1947 the series moved from NBC radio to CBS radio. In 1952 with the rise in popularity of television the soap made the transition to television airing on the CBS channel. It wasn’t until 1968 however that the soap moved from 15 minute episodes to 30 minute episodes. In 1975 the soap was oft to simplify its title somewhat and re-branded itself as Guiding Light or GL to fans. Two years later the soap once again increased its episode length moving to hour long episodes – a format that the soap has retained to this day.




Although the soap’s popularity dipped somewhat across the decades it wasn’t until the end of the CBS1990’s and start of the 2000’s that the soap, and others, started to see a serious decline in its ratings. As all the soaps battled to retain viewers revamps were ordered across the board and in 2008 Guiding Light underwent another revamp too boost ratings but to cut costs. It didn’t work and in April 2009 CBS announced it was cancelling the series but fans hoped that another broadcaster would pick up the veteran soap. In July it emerged that searches to find a new home for the soap had been unsuccessful and the soap would indeed end in September. 



CBSNow the time has come and the soap enters its final week on air and on Friday it will draw to a close permanently. With it will end 72 years of broadcasting history which is truly a staggering amount of history and a tribute to the cast and crew of the soap over the years who managed to capture America’s imagination for so long.