Two Actors dropped from All My Children

Two actors in the American soap All My Children have been dropped ahead of the soaps move from New York to Los Angeles at the start of next year.


A few months ago it was announced that production of All My Children, an ABC soap, would move from New York to Los Angeles. The move would mean the cast uprooting and moving to the other side of America or deciding to stay behind in New York and thus effectively quitting the series. When the news emerged of the move fans were worried that some of their favourite characters may simply disappear when filming begins from Los Angeles in January. While it seems that the majority of cast have decided to make the move West producers have seemingly made the decision for several cast members by axing them from the series.

Actress Beth Ehlers is just one such victim of the axe having joined the ABC soap in 2008 after 21 years in CBS soap Guiding Light. Ehlers decided to jump ship before the soap sank and joined the cast of AMC with much publicity but fans have accused producers of not knowing what to do with her character of Taylor Thompson. Although the character has been involved with two romances fans have still felt the actress hasn’t been used enough by producers and hasn’t been integrated with the other cast members. Now it’s emerged, on Soap Central, that the actress will be written out of the soap later this year before production switches to Los Angeles. 

Another AMC cast member, Aiden Turner, is another victim of the producers axe even though the actor was prepared to move West with the rest of the show. However, producers obviously felt his character of Aidan Devane was expendable and have decided to write him out. Turner joined the cast of the ABC soap in 2002 but once again fans have expressed their dismay at producers for not using the character effectively. The character will exit the soap in November. 

It’s likely that before production moves to its new home several more actors will be dropped from AMC as producers try to trim back the soaps budget.