Minogue comments spark complaints

Danni Minogue’s comments to contestant Danyl Johnson in reference to his sexuality on last Saturday’s X-Factor have sparked nearly 4000 complaints to Ofcom, the media regulator.


FrantlemediaNearly 4000 people have complained to Ofcom, the media regulator, over Danni Minogue’s comments to X-Factor contestant Danyl Johnson on last Saturday’s edition of the ITV series. Minogue commented to Johnson that he didn’t need to change the gender lyrics of a song, from male to female, if speculation in the press about him was to be believed. Minogue apologised for the comments on Sunday’s edition of the show and since several celebrities have come out in support of the X-Factor judge.

However, it seems that nearly 4000 viewers thought Minogue’s comments were out of order and some viewers have accused her of being homophobic. It’s interesting to note however, that during the early stages of the competition Danyl Johnson gave an interview to the News of the World where he did indeed admit to being bisexual and having dated men before. So perhaps Minogue’s comments weren’t so out of order after all – if he is indeed bisexual as he claimed in the paper there was little need to change the lyrics of the song.


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