Adam Woodyatt: Kathy return wouldn’t be plausible

EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt – original character Ian Beale in the saga – has poured cold water on fan theories that his on-screen mum is still alive.

Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) was killed off in the soap’s storylines in 2006 – the plot being used to bring her son Ben back to Walford to live with his father Phil (Steve McFadden).

The storyline caused dismay amongst the soap’s fans, some of whom are clutching at straws by highlighting that Kathy’s death occurred totally off-screen in South Africa, where she was said to have been involved in a fatal car accident.

However, in an interview with Digital Spy, Adam Woodyatt sounded none too keen on the idea of Kathy doing a ‘Dirty Den’.

“There are too many reasons to want Gilly back. She’s just such a wonderful woman. I’d have her back in a heartbeat but it’d never work. I’ve read things on the forums about Kathy being in witness protection and faked her death – yeah, do you really want to destroy the credibility of the programme?! It was plausible with Den, but not with Kathy!” – Adam Woodyatt

Gillian played the role of Kathy between 1985-2000, and went on to star in Footballers Wives and The Bill.