Gay couple to leave One Life to Live

One Life to LiveGay couple Kyle Lewis and Oliver Fish, dubbed Kish by fans, are to be written out of ABC soap One Life to Live.


One Life to Live ABCIt’s been announced that gay couple Kyle Lewis and Oliver Fish on the ABC soap One Life to Live are to be written out. Actors Brett Claywell and Scott Evans have been dropped from the soap but producers on the soap say that they’re characters could return in the future. Kyle and Oliver, dubbed Kish by fans, will make their last appearance on One Life to Live in April time.



Although their storyline has been marked as “groundbreaking” the pair are to be written out because of concerns that daytime soap fans aren’t ready for same-sex couples or Popular gay couple Luke and Noah on As The World Turnssame sex storylines. While the storyline has been well received by some the presence of conservative America is ever present and even in 2010 having a gay couple in a drama/soap is still a pretty controversial thing. CBS soap As The World Turns feature gay couple Luke and Noah, dubbed Nuke, and while the pair have become a huge hit with You Tube fans the broadcaster faced tough criticisms from conservative groups. It also faced criticisms from gay fans themselves who complained about the lack of screen time given to the pair at one point.




In the UK gay couples/gay characters are more common place and some might argue Ravi Roy - Hollyoakseven a stable of British soap. All the major soaps and drama’s in the UK have had a gay character/gay couple at some point – especially within the past ten years as gay rights issues have become more visible. Current gay characters in British soaps include Christian Clarke in EastEnders [John Partridge], Sean Tully in Coronation Street [Anthony Cotton], Doctor Simon Bond in Doctors [David Sturzaker] and in Hollyoaks bisexuals Kris Fisher [Gerald McCarthy] and Ravi Roy [Stephen Uppal].