Editor Reports: The Sun and Anna Paquin’s Bisexuality

ATV Reports’ Doug Lambert takes issue with The Sun’s reporting on True Blood actress Anna Paquin’s announcement that she is bisexual.

Why am I taking issue with it? Well here’s how The Sun reported it:

True Blood’s Anna Paquin says she’s bisexual – despite being engaged to her vampire drama co-star Stephen Moyer.

I’ve underlined just what, I feel, is wrong with that sentence from the bastion of quality tabloid publishing. What does The Sun mean by “despite”? Sorry can’t bisexual people be engaged now? Can’t someone who is bisexual be in a heterosexual relationship? We just don’t see why The Sun felt the need to use that word – it was totally unnecessary.

It of course comes from the paper that declared EastEnders was actually ‘EastBenders‘ when in 1985 it introduced two homosexual characters. It seems the views behind the paper haven’t moved very much further ahead, even if the rest of the world has.