Russell T Davies praises new Doctor Who

In an interview with the BBC Russell T Davies has praised the new series of Doctor Who which stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.


Russell T Davies has praised the new series of Doctor Who stating “he loves it” and says he watches episodes of the new series every Saturday on DVD – as the new production team behind the series send them to him in Los Angeles. Davies was being interviewed by BBC News about the return of Torchwood – which was announced earlier this week – but predictably the questions moved onto Doctor Who. The former executive producer and head writer of Who heaped praise on current stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.


“Matt Smith and Karen Gillian..what a glorious new age..the show will never die” – Russell T Davies on BBC News


The new series of Doctor Who – its fifth since being revived by Davies in 2005 – is currently airing on Saturday evenings on BBC One and is now under the leadership of Steven Moffat. However, spin-off series’ Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures remain under Davies control. It was announced earlier this year that Matt Smith would follow in the footsteps of David Tennant by crossing over to The Sarah Jane Adventures for a two-part story in the CBBC show’s forthcoming fourth season. The story will be written by Davies, the first time he has written for the 11th Doctor, and will also see former Doctor Who actress Katy Manning reprise her role of Jo Grant for the first time on-screen since 1973.


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