The Vampire and his Lover

To celebrate the launch of our new LGBT section we’ve commissioned a specially written original story and you can read the first part exclusively here. Kai, a horny 19n year-old, meets a stranger in the bar and agrees to leave with him not realising his companion is in fact a vampire. Fans of the Twilight films/books or television shows such as True Blood and The Liar should enjoy this two-part exclusive story.


Warning: This story contains Adult Themes, Strong Language and Sexual References. The story is NOT suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


Warning: This story contains Adult Themes, Strong Language and Sexual References. The story is NOT suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


He moved through the crowded bar silently and unseen – the punters were too busy getting drunk and desperately trying to flirt with anything that moved to notice the strange creature in their midst. He scanned the room; nothing suitable or even remotely interesting. Too many times had he seen the games the humans play every night – the dance they performed; getting stupidly drunk, dancing with anything that moved and then making their move on anything and everything in a desperate bid to get laid. There was no art to their game, no plan, just desperation. There were like the predators who happened to stumble upon their pray – no they were like scavengers. They didn’t hunt or stalk their pray – they waited for it to fall into their lap; quite literally sometimes.


He was a stalker, he was a real predator. He would play with his pray, his victims. He would follow them for days on end if he felt particularly cruel. He would hide in the shadows as they walked home; as they went about their idle and pathetic lives. He would play cat and mouse with them, hint at the danger they were in, dazzle them with his witty words and poetic speech and when they were least suspecting, when they feared no more – then he went in for the deadly kiss that sealed their fates. Then he pounced. Sometimes he would drain his victims dry; sometimes he would let them escape with tales of a ‘nutter’ who tried to ‘kill them’ and sometimes he would make them like him.


The creature turned and headed for the door – no luck here tonight. Not one human he fancied playing with. As he silently moved passed the drunks and the fools heading towards the door something caught his eye. Something outside the bar interested him – and that something was getting nearer. A beautiful blonde male, with bright blue eyes and vibrant red lips, came through the doors of the bar. The bouncer inside sprang into action immediately – demanding to see proof of age from the newcomer. The creature observed; the boy did not look 21. Yet the boy interested him – such life from one so young. Within seconds the creature was by the door even though for a human it was impossible to have made it there so quickly.


“He is old enough” the creature sound matter-of-fact to the bouncer. “He was in here last night, you saw his ID then”. The bouncer did not argue, did not flicker in hesitation. He looked at the creature and then stepped aside and allowed the newcomer entry into the bar. The bouncer then sat back down – if anyone had asked him what had happened he wouldn’t have remembered. As far as the bouncer was concerned nothing interesting had happened all night. The boy and the creature moved away from the entrance and the boy looked at the creature “thanks” he said, intrigued by his ‘saviour’. “I’m right in thinking you are too young to be here?” The creature asked. The boy smiled and laughed “The bouncer seemed to think so”. The boy looked around, taking in the scene, scanning for anyone fit or good-looking but was disappointed. The creature knew immediately what the boy was doing, glancing around. “You’ll be disappointed” The creature said. “I’ve already looked, there isn’t anyone remotely fuckable in here”. The boy looked at the creature again “Was that too blunt for you?” The creature asked. The boy shook his head “I like honesty, and you’re right. There’s no one remotely fuckable in. There wasn’t any bloody point in coming in”. The boy sighed. “What’s your name?” The creature asked. “Kai” The boy replied “Yours?”. “Luke” The creature lied, if he were to be honest he had forgotten his real name – he had so many over the years.


It was several hours later and Kai & ‘Luke’ had left the bar and were walking the streets. “Where are we heading”? Kai finally asked. He wasn’t even sure why he was going with ‘Luke’ – he wouldn’t normally take off with someone he just met not even if he wanted a fuck. He’d be more sensible about it – making sure someone knew where he was going. Kai couldn’t explain it but he felt safe around the stranger, safe and something else…under his spell almost. “There’s a little place I know” Luke replied. “Are you getting worried? Are you frightened I might be a serial killer? Has it suddenly hit you that you’ve gone off with someone you met in a bar…something you barely said three words to before leaving with?” The creature teased. Kai stopped walking down the empty street and looked at the creature. “No” He replied. “You were the only fuckable guy in there…just by now I thought we’d be fucking by now”. The creature laughed “And how many guys, Kai, have you fucked?”. All the talk of fucking was making Kai’s hornyness even worse “Enough” he replied, running his hand across ‘Luke’s’ chest. “And how old are you?” The creature asked, talking hold of Luke’s hand. “19” Kai replied “just I don’t have any ID. I always get asked..”. The creature suddenly pulled Kai to him and held him tight in his arms. Luke looked up into his eyes and froze for a moment – for a brief second there was within him a terrible realisation of the danger he was in. In that brief second Kai realised what the creature he was but just as quickly as that realisation came it went…it went with the kiss of Luke on his tender lips.


‘Luke’ locked lips with Kai, desperate to feel those bright red lips against his own – desperate to draw blood from them. Luke resisted that overwhelming temptation within him and continued to kiss Kai. The two were reluctant to part lips but after several minutes they did. “How much further is this place?” A horny Kai demanded to know. “We are nearly there” ‘Luke’ replied. They walked around the corner in the street and came to an old house. “This is it” Luke said taking out a key. “Spooky” Kai said regarding the building; it oozed creepyness. It was dark inside with the curtains drew shut and a big, solid door which could not have easily been broken down. Luke opened the door and took Kai’s hand and guided him inside. Luke slammed the door shut and bolted it. He look off his jacket and threw it on the floor…suddenly Kai was nervous and Luke could smell it – it excited him. He look a deep breath and then smiled at Kai; “Let’s fuck” and no sooner had he said that he was standing by Kai. The speed frightened Kai who stepped back but before he could do anything else Luke was kissing him once more. Slowly Luke’s lips moved from Kai’s mouth towards his neck, tenderly kissing it with his lips. With a flex of his Luke’s face two fangs appeared in his mouth and he pushed them into Kai’s neck. Kai let out a silent scream as the blood flowed out of the wound; some of it into the mouth of Luke and a small trickle down his chest. Kai could not move from the firm grip Luke had on him and the sensation going throw his entire body – it was almost like ecstasy.



The second part will follow next week. You can comment on the first part of our exclusive story below but please keep any criticisms constructive – after all writers do have feelings folks!