Neighbours’ Stefan Dennis talks to ATV

Exclusive ATV interview ATV Today caught up with Neighbours legend Stefan Dennis, who has played bad boy Paul Robinson on and off since the very first episode. As Neighbours is about to celebrate its 6000th episode in the UK, we caught up with him to get his views on the show as it enters a new phase.


How does it feel being at the centre of one of Neighbours biggest storylines?

Very honoured although I’ll let you in on a secret, I spent a lot of time flat on my back in the hospital set. It’s a great story which viewers here have really embraced which is great. I have people stopping me all the time with their take on who pushed me.

Who do you think pushed Paul Robinson and why?

Arrr, I’m not falling for that one.

Although Paul has been evil over many years, why do you think he is so loved by the viewers?

He says and does things that a lot of us think of doing but would never dare. And despite his villainous ways, there are signs of a conscience that bares itself just when you think he couldn’t be more appalling.

Neighbours moves to new channel Eleven next year, do you think this will change Neighbours?

It’s the same time, same street, just one notch up on the remote. I’m very confident our loyal fans will follow us. It’s very exciting to part of something new.

Neighbours is 25 years old, for you what are your personal highlights of the iconic show?

I should have an answer for this and I get asked it all the time but you know there isn’t a particular storyline because there have been hundreds. It’s more I have favourite eras and favourite actors I have worked with.

One that always pops up is when Gail (Fiona Corke) and Paul were trying to convince Aunt Hilary (Anne Scott Pendlebury) who came to stay that they were married for real and I always call it my John Cleese moments because it was just silly stuff and so much fun.

What’s in store for Mr. Robinson?

Well, I can confirm, Paul does survive his unfortunate fall so he has a lot of scores to settle so watch out!

Stefan Dennis, Thank You! You can catch Neighbours weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.