Are Neighbours committed to a full time gay character?

ATV Today understands that Australian soap Neighbours do not know how to keep their new gay character connected to the street.


Earlier this year Neighbours introduced a new gay character, Chris Pappas, who last week came out on UK screens. A source close to the show has told ATV Today that writers and producers have become a bit “stumped” at the moment as to what to do with the character.


“His character has been very popular both here in Australia and UK, but how they weave a gay character in has the writers and producers a bit stumped at the moment.” – Source speaking to ATV Today


Actor James Mason, who plays Chris Pappas is currently still filming for Neighbours, but it’s not known if bosses will give him another contract in the new year. This would be disappointing for fans who had campaigned for many years for a gay male character.


Neighbours continues weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5