Tomasz Schafernaker fans launch Facebook campaign

Fans of the BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker have launched a Facebook campaign following news that he and several other weather presenters were being axed.


Tomasz Schafernaker Last week it was revealed that three BBC weather presenters were being axed from presenting duties as part of cost-cutting measures. The ever popular Tomasz Schafernaker was one of those presenters announced as being dropped from presenting duties much to the surprise of his many fans. Using Facebook these fans have now launched a campaign to get Tomasz Schafernaker back on screens and presenting the weather on the BBC.


Tomasz Schafernaker has proved to be a favourite of many viewers although he has been prone to a few gaffes over the years. He once Tomasz Schafernaker on the cover of Attitudedescribed the Outter Hebrides and Western Isles as “nowheresville” and accidentally predicted “muddy shite” for Glastonbury instead of a “muddy site“. More recently Schafernaker was involved in an incident on-screen where he was seen to be sticking his middle finger up – jokingly – at fellow presenter Simon McCoy. The incident was caught on camera when the live feed on the BBC News Channel was switched to Schafernaker too early.


The weatherman also raised eye brows earlier this year when he posed for gay magazine Attitude in nothing but skimpy underwear – it sent his popularity soaring. You can join the Facebook campaign to save Tomasz Schafernaker here >>.