Crossroads’ Neil McCaul checks-in at The Mill

Neil McCaul is to reprise his role as Howard Bond in the BBC One soap Doctors.

Neil, who appeared in the daily saga last year as the father of one of the main characters – Simon. McCaul will resume the part in episodes set to air in the second week of January 2011.

In the storyline, Simon’s dad reappears after Simon has a bad festive period which sees him pondering his future and life. Howard’s return to the Midlands is much to the distaste of his ex-wife and Simon’s mother Sue.

Scenes will see Howard confront Simon over the ‘December depression’ questioning whether its to do with the divorce of his parents, or maybe because Simon is gay? Neil has previously played three other characters in Doctors between 2002 and 2007 before joining as Howard in September last year.

McCaul is possibly most famous as Patrick Russell the owner of the infamous Crossroads Motel when it returned to ITV in 2001. Previous legendary owners included Nicola Freeman – Gabrielle Drake – and Meg Richardson – the late Noele Gordon.

In Crossroads Patrick was killed off with a festive time heart attack in 2001.