Benidorm creator: re-writing Christmas special was emotional

Derren Litten has spoken about the festive episode re-write he never wanted to do.

Benidorm creator and writer Derren Litten has admitted that re-writing the Christmas Special following the death of actor Geoffrey Hutchings was ‘incredibly emotional’. The actor passed away in July of this year.

“First of all I didn’t know how I was going to write the departure of Mel with the respect and tact it required. I spoke with Andi, Geoff’s wife, and she said I had her blessing to do whatever I thought was right. In the end, writing that part of the storyline wasn’t difficult but it was incredibly emotional. I sat at my desk in the office in my house and cried as I wrote it; I’m pretty sure it will have the same effect on the viewer.” – Derren Litten

The actor played the role of Mel Harvey in the ITV1 sitcom’s second and third series between 2008-2009, but his last on-screen role was in Simon Amstell’s BBC Two comedy, Grandma’s House.

Prior, he had a wide range of roles within drama and comedy with a memorable turn as Sid James on stage and in the ITV drama Cor Blimey which charted James’ affair with Carry On co-star Barbara Windsor. Drama roles include as the long-suffering Bobby Hollamby in Bad Girls and also a short stint in EastEnders as Jane Beale’s faher in 2009.