Jean Marsh keen for House of Eliott revival

Jean Marsh has discussed the possibility of reviving another of her creations the BBC drama The House of Eliott.

This Christmas will see the return of Upstairs Downstairs only this time it’ll be on the BBC as the corporation has revived the series for the 21st century. The action will be a continuation of the original series rather than a remake with the drama set in the 1930s, several years after the close of the original series, and actress/creator Jean Marsh will reprise her role of Rose Buck.

Upstairs Downstairs was not her only television creation though; in the 1990s Marsh and friend Eileen Atkins created another series – The House of Eliott. So will there be a revival of The House of Eliott anytime soon?

 “I think there’s a real market for doing exactly with that what they’ve done with Upstairs Downstairs, to move it forward in time. I think I would be good to be treated in the same way” Jean Marsh said in a recent interview with the Gay Times.

The House of Eliott ran for three seasons on BBC One in the 1990s and was set in the 1920s. It revolved around the Eliott sisters (played by Stella Gonet and Louise Lombard) as they set up there own fashion house.

The series covered many of the same historical issues covered in Upstairs Downstairs (such as the General Strike and the slow rise of women). Unexpectedly the series was cancelled meaning the third season ends with several loose ends.

As with Upstairs Downstairs the series has been repeated several times and is also now out on DVD.

Pictured Top: Jean in the original LWT production of Upstairs Downstairs, pictured middle: the 1970s Upstairs Downstairs cast and pictured bottom: The BBC’s reboot of the drama.