Interview with Hollyoaks’ Jeff Rawle

Actor Jeff Rawle talks to ATV Today about his murderous Hollyoaks character.

Actor Jeff Rawle talks to ATV Today about his murderous Hollyoaks character.

You are playing a murderer which will highlight the dangers of online dating – how did you feel taking on the role as a murderer in such a Challenging storyline?

I think it’s a very important subject and that’s the reason why I took on the part. I’ve never played a murderer before in my 42-year career, so it’s a new kind of role and a very interesting one for me.

How were you approached about this storyline?

I had a meeting with Paul Marquess the producer of Hollyoaks and we talked about it…he explained what they were intending to do which I found interesting and something which I’d like to have a crack at. The whole point of the story is that this is a man you wouldn’t suspect of doing what he does. The challenge for me is to get that right.

There are indications that there might be more murders in store in the Hollyoaks village, is there anything you can tease us with?

Well he hasn’t been caught yet so I suppose there is always a possibility, so you’ll have to watch and see…you never know, he could strike again.

What’s it been like working on a soap, in comparison to your other roles?

It’s very different; it’s a different kind of hybrid. It’s not like doing a one off film where you all go in on the first day, this is me joining a well oiled machine that’s been going on for some years and everyone has been extremely welcoming. I have to say it’s been quite bewildering because there are so many people, so many crew but everyone has been keen to have me on board. We are getting on great and I’m really enjoying it. It’s also a terrific speed that everyone has to work at…you have to up your game as everything is done is such a short space of time, so yes it’s been challenging but very interesting.

Had you watched Hollyoaks previously?

I have to say I hadn’t as I’m usually busy working a lot in theatre. Hollyoaks is usually on when I’m in make-up or prosthetics! I have started now and it’s fascinating knowing oh you’re that person, you’re this person..oh you did that, so I’m defiantly getting up to speed with it.

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4. The murder episode airs on Thursday 23rd December.