Over 2 Million viewers watch Piers Morgan's CNN Debut

The debut of Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN pulled in the viewers.

Over 2 million viewers watched the debut of Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, according to reports.

The former editor of British tabloid The Mirror was announced as CNN’s replacement for Larry King last year. Morgan quit his role on the panel of judges of Britain’s Got Talent leaving actress Amanda Holden and music mogul Simon Cowell behind to take on his new role at CNN.

The debut of Piers Morgan Tonight was seen by 2.1 million viewers on Monday evening on CNN. The figures are up over 200% according to reports on Larry King Live’s average ratings for last year.

Morgan’s first guest on his new show was former chat-show queen Oprah Winfrey. Morgan, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, revealed he wouldn’t invite Keith Olbermann or Heather Mills on his new show – though we doubt Heather Mills will lose any sleep over that particular snub.