Lady Gaga confronts ant-gay preacher at concert

Lady Gaga has released a video of her confronting an anti-gay preacher at her one of concerts.

The singer is shown arriving at one of her concerts at which an anti-gay protesting is carrying a placard and handing out leaflets. Lady Gaga’s car pulls up alongside the protestor and the singer confronts him about handing his anti-gay preaching’s labelling his comments as “hurtful”. The anti-gay preachers tells the singer she’ll go to ‘hell’ for promoting homosexuality but just seconds later Gaga address the camera and points out the preacher has no one with him whereas she has thousands of fans.

Lady Gaga has become a gay icon thanks to her outlandish costumes but also her superb hits such as Bad Romance and Poker Face. Gaga’s Born This Way has been described as a new gay anthem by Elton John and came third in a recent poll of the most empowering gay songs of the past decade. It was beaten by Boyzone’s Better and Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful – which came top in the poll.

You can view the clip of Lady Gaga confronting the anti-gay preacher below. The actual footage of the incident starts at 2.40 minutes.