Hot weather dents Coronation Street ratings

CorrieThe hot weather on Sunday evening seriously damaged ratings for Coronation Street as the ITV soap dropped below 6 million viewers.

There was a time when Coronation Street aired on Sundays but those days are long over and the soap only very occasionally now airs at the weekend. Yesterday’s ‘special edition’ of the soap for Easter saw the brief return of Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley) to the street itself while Sean Tully (Anthony Cotton) travelled down to London to where he met Violet (Jenny Platt) and Jamie Baldwin (Rupert Hill). Former best friend Violet had a baby with Sean but fled Weatherfield because of his interfering ways. In London Sean was also reunited with his ex-boyfriend Marcus (Charlie Condou) who left because of Sean’s lack of trust in him.

The hot weather – and perhaps the storyline itself to some degree judging by the reaction on some forums – meant yesterday’s outing of Corrie was its lowest for a year. According to ratings data just 5.6 million viewers tuned in – a shocking drop below 6 million viewers for the soap. However, it isn’t Corrie‘s lowest ever rating which came in 2009 with 5.4 million viewers. Never-the-less it is a big drop for the soap and proof the hot weather across Easter has impacted on television ratings.