Susan Lucci to play dual role on All My Children

All My ChildernAll My Children star Susan Lucci, the last remaining original cast member, is to take on another role in the ABC soap in the coming months before its finale following its cancellation.

The actress plays diva Erica Kane, a long-term Pine Valley resident, but in a new twist before the soap finishes in September the actress will take on another role in the soap. A press release reveals Lucci will also play Jane Campbell, a doppelganger of Erica who will cause havoc in Pine Valley.

Below is the press release.

Emmy® Award-winning actress Susan Lucci has been playing the legendary role of Erica Kane since “All My Children” debuted in 1970, in a wide variety of memorable story arcs that include winning a fight with a grizzly bear, staging a prison break, and becoming a world famous super model, cosmetics mogul and talk show host.

Beginning May 12, for the first time in “All My Children’s” history, Lucci will be playing the dual roles of Erica Kane and Jane Campbell, Erica’s doppelganger, who will wreak havoc in Erica’s life in every possible way.

“All My Children” celebrated its 41st anniversary on January 5, 2011. The program has successfully maintained its popularity and continues to be one of daytime’s most compelling dramas. “All My Children” took home the 1998 Emmy Award for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, the third time the show received this top honor, having also garnered the award in 1994 and 1992. In 2004 the show also received its third consecutive Emmy Award for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series Writing, its third Writers Guild Award and its fourth GLAAD Media Award in March 2007.

Created by Agnes Nixon, “All My Children” premiered on the ABC Television Network on January 5, 1970, as a half-hour show; seven years later it expanded to an hour. Julie Hanan Carruthers is executive producer with Lorraine Broderick as head writer. “All My Children” is produced in Los Angeles and airs MONDAY-FRIDAY (1:00-2:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.