Brenda Strong; New Dallas not a remake

DallasActress Brenda Strong has stressed TNT’s new Dallas pilot is a continuation of the original series and not a remake.

The Desperate Housewives actress plays Ann, the new wife of Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) in the pilot. The revived Dallas focuses on the next ‘generation’ of the Ewing family and Ewing Oil; John Ross and Christopher – the sons of JR and Bobby respectively. While it concentrates on the two cousins the continuation does feature original cast members such as Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman. In an interview with E! Online Brenda Strong has talked about filming the new pilot and working with the original stars.

Most people are thinking we’re remaking it but it’s a continuation, it’s the new generation. It’s nice because it’s going to be invented in a very modern way…..They [the original stars] couldn’t have been kinder, more humble [or] more hospitable,” she claimed. “In those circumstances, you would expect that they would have the right to… have ownership, but they were so generous and so inclusive.” – Brenda Strong speaking E! Online

It was recently revealed that Charlene Tilton and Steve Kanaly are also reprising their roles for the new Dallas. Charlene Tilton played Lucy Ewing, dubbed the poison dwarf by Terry Wogan, while Steve Kanaly played Ray Krebbs who was later revealed to be the illegitimate son of Ewing patriarch Jock (Jim Davis).