Emmerdale fans unimpressed by new look

EmmerdaleFans of Emmerdale are unimpressed by the soaps new opening titles, theme tune and logo which was revealed to viewers on Monday evening.

The re-branding of Emmerdale is part of ITV’s investment in the soap in which the broadcaster also spent £5 million upgrading the soaps studios in Yorkshire. The re-branding has seen a new logo introduced as well as opening titles and a new arrangement of the theme tune – originally composed by Tony Hatch.

The new titles though haven’t gone down well with viewers. The titles have ditched the “rolling countryside” so associated with the soap in favour of a modern look. As with anything new it takes time for viewers to get used to but so far fans of Emmerdale are far from impressed. They’ve taken to internet forums, Facebook and Twitter to voice their dislike of the new look Emmerdale – and ATV Today has been flooded with comments on them.

Sorry I thought it was just awful. I miss the rolling hills and the old music. This just reminded me of day time TV and I found it uninspiring – in essence it annoyed me – Anna

How awful – tacky bedroom synth music with bars of the solid original cut out so that the melody clashes together. And the sexual innuendo goes way beyond tacky. Anyone else noticed that the building that you see as the “outside” following the pub shot is not actually the pub? – Paul

No,no.no!!! The show is set in the Dales, not some tacky hotel!! Whatever happened to the countryside! As for the music – just awful!!
Please, bring back the old Emmerdale!! – Jean

So bad I don’t want to listen to it again. The filming is awful too but the theme has been trashed. Expect we’ll have to put up with this crap for 4 or 5 years before it gets another makeover – Ap

I hate it !!! I loved the sweeping across the fields and countryside – so relaxing and peaceful – this looks false and like a painting rather than reality and is so stunted in comparison. Will really miss the old one.What a shame to cut out all that beauty. – Gilenett

I didnt know they were re-making it all so got the shock of my life when I watched it earlier. It’s absolutely awful! As someone has already said, its like a daytime soap opera with the horrible music, the emmerdale being in a black box!  BRING BACK THE HILLS!!!

Just a selection of comments left by readers of ATV Today. Do you agree? You can post your own opinions on the new Emmerdale titles below.