Jay Hunt reaffirms Hollyoaks future at Channel Four

Hollyoaks{jcomments on}Jay Hunt, Channel Four’s new Chief Creative Officer, has reaffirmed the broadcaster’s commitment to teen-soap Hollyoaks.

The soap has had a rough time over the past few years with declining ratings, changes in producers and massive on-screen revamps. Ratings for the soap have, on numerous occasions this year, fallen below 1 million viewers. The fall in ratings has prompted some tabloid stories concerning the future of Hollyoaks. Earlier this year it was claimed Channel Four were accepting proposals on a possible replacement soap. However Jay Hunt, in an interview with The Guardian, has reaffirmed the broadcaster’s commitment to Hollyoaks.

“People rush to panic about these things. I’ve had the luxury of seeing EastEnders going through highs and lows. It’s certainly true that Hollyoaks has had a tough time. I am encouraged by where it is going creatively now. And my priority is making sure it is unmissable.” – Jay Hunt in The Guardian.

When Bryan Kirkwood left Hollyoaks in 2009 it was enjoying a high with critical acclaimed for a wide range of stories and high ratings. However, during Lucy Allan’s tenure as producer that changed with a decline in ratings and some poorly recieved storylines. In January 2010 Allan was replaced by Paul Marquess who ‘successfully’ revamped The Bill and later Family Affairs. Marquess revamped the soap; writing out characters, introducing new characters revamping the soap’s. However, Marquess left Hollyoaks earlier this year and was replaced by Gareth Phillips.