Two characters returning to Coronation Street

{jcomments on}Two former residents of Weatherfield will be returning to Coronation Street later this year which could cause trouble for at least one resident of the street.

Warning: Contains Mild Spoilers.

Bill Webster (Peter Armitage) and his partner Pam Hobsworth (Kate Anthony) are returning to Coronation Street later this year. Pam, aunt of the late Molly Dobbs (Vicky Binns) and Bill were last heard off travelling around Europe following the devastating tram-crash last year which claimed the lives of several residents of the street. However, it’s been revealed that the duo are to return from Europe planning to marry.

Trouble won’t be far away from their return though as Pam is still resentful towards Kevin over his affair with Molly – blaming him for the death of her niece. The tensions between the two are set to cause heart-ache for Bill as Pam bans his son from attending the wedding, according to reports.

Bill and Pam are due to return on-screen in September.