Steven Gerrard voted hottest footballer by gay fans

A survey for gay football fans has found that Liverpool/England player Steven Gerrard is considered to be the hottest football.

The survey by gaydar of just over 4,000 men found that they found Gerrard the hottest while Chelsea’s Fernando Torres in second place and his team mate Frank Lampard in third place. However, other footballers such as Wayne Rooney and Peter Crouch failed to impress gay fans. Disappointingly though 19% of those who took part in the survey said they would not go to a premiership football match for fear of homophobia. The issue of homophobia amongst fans and within the sport in general is one that various organisations are trying to tackle. However, that figure clearly demonstrates that for some gay fans of football the issues surrounding homophobia and the sport are still very present.

Do you agree with the results? Do you think Steven Gerrard is the hottest premiership footballer? Post your comments below.