Christine O'Donnell walked out of interview over gay rights questions

Piers Morgan Tonight{jcomments off}Christine O’Donnell, a darling of the Tea Party,  walked out of an interview on Piers Morgan Tonight after the former Mirror editor pressed her about her stance on gay rights issues.

O’Donnell was on Piers Morgan Tonight to discuss her new book, Troublemaker, which discusses her anti-gay views. However, on the CNN chat-show the Tea Party favourite seemed less willing to discuss her view perhaps knowing they wouldn’t get a sympathetic reception. At one point O’Donnell even tried to tell Morgan what kind of questions he should be asking her during the interview in a desperate attempt to get away from questions regarding her beliefs on gay rights.

While O’Donnell admitted she hadn’t “embraced” gay rights she was unwilling to go much further in discussing the issues even calling Morgan “rude” for continuing to press her on the issue. She called the questions “irrelevant” and even tried to dodge questions by saying “I obviously want to talk about the issues I choose to talk about in the book. I talk about my religious beliefs, yeah.” even though her book does discuss her beliefs on gay marriage – so destroying her own argument of “irrelevant” questioning.

After the questioning continued over gay right issues – such as marriage the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – O’Donnell took of her microphone and walked out of the interview. While a darling of the Tea Party – which is notoriously anti-gay – O’Donnell has raised eyebrows with her behaviour before. She once, to the amusement of many, described masturbation as “sinful” and also as “adultery” and only last year said she believed in witches and witchcraft.

However, it is important to remember that there is a strong and some would argue growing anti-gay movement within American politics which threatens to undo all the hard work on gay rights done over the many years. In fact unchecked it threatens to reduce gay Americans to second class citizen status.