Frank Valenti to remain executive producer on One Life to Live

One Life to LiveProspect Park has announced it’s signed a deal with Frank Valenti for him to remain as executive producer of One Life to Live when it moves online.

Several months ago Prospect Park signed a deal with ABC to continue its cancelled soaps One Life to Live and All My Children online. Since then fans have been awaiting every news report regarding the deal and who’ll remain working on the two serials and who’ll leave. It has, at times, been frustratingly slow for fans of both soaps and a lot still remains very unclear. One Life to Live fans though can take comfort in the news that Frank Valenti will remain as executive producer on the soap. Valenti took over the role in 2009 having served as a director and senior supervising producer on the daily saga.

In addition to serving as One Life to Live’s executive producer Valenti will also become vice president of serial dramas for Prospect Park working alongside Jeff Kwatitnetz. This means Valenti will have some responsibility for fellow soap All My Children and General Hospital should ABC cancel it and Prospect Park acquire it.