Video: Foo Fighters protest against the Westboro Baptist Church

{jcomments off}As we reported earlier this week rock group Foo Fighters launched a counter-protest against the notorious Westboro Baptist Church when members of the anti-gay movement tried to picket on of their concerts. Well now you can watch a video of Foo Fighter’s own way of getting back at the Westboro Baptist Church.

They are called America’s most hated family and with good reason – members of the Westboro Baptist Church picket the funerals of America’s war dead. They are vehemently and outspokenly anti-gay and claim every natural disaster/war casualty is a result of god’s anger over homosexuality. When they aren’t picketing the funerals of America’s war dead members of the church picket concerts of those musicians they don’t like. However, when they tried to picket a concert by the Foo Fighters the rock group hit back – taunting the group by drowning out their protest with a ‘gay love song’.

It was only a matter of time before a video of the protest found its way onto You Tube and below you can watch it.