Joanna Lumley discusses Ab Fab return

Absolutely FabulousJoanna Lumley has discussed the return of Jennifer Saunders’ BBC One sitcom Absolutely Fabulous.

The cult classic is returning for three episodes which are currently being in production. The last episode of Absolutely Fabulous to air was in 2004 after Saunders revived the comedy for two further seasons and several specials. However, it was announced over the summer that the comedian had decided to revive the popular series once more.

We are doing just three, and Jennifer Saunders – its like luring some amazingly strange creature out of a cave because out she came and said she’d like to do three more. So we’ve done one for Christmas, one for the New Year and one for next year’s Olympics which is going to be shown the same week as the Olympics. It’s the same cast – the five J’s; Jennifer, me, Julia, Jane, June, and then some faces from the past from other shows which people will remember.” – Joanna Lumley on This Morning

Joanna Lumely played Patsy Stone – who fast became a gay icon – in the series alongside Jennifer Saunders as her best friend Edwina ‘Eddie’ Monsoon. The comedy revolved around the antics, often drunken antics, of Patsy and Eddie who refuse to grow old gracefully. Julia Sawalha played Eddie’s ever disapproving daughter Saffy while June Whitfield played Eddie’s mother. Jane Horrocks played Eddie’s secretary Bubblers as well as several two other roles in the comedy.