Susan Lucci still in talks with Prospect Park

All My ChildrenAll My Children actress Susan Lucci has said she is still in talks with Prospect Park to remain with the soap when it re-launches next year online.

The actress is the last original cast member still as regular in the series; she plays diva Erica Kane. In the final episode Erica was dumped by her long-term lover and quite possibly the victim of a shooting. The actress has revealed that she is still in talks with new AMC producers Prospect Park about continuing to play Erica.

“My heart is certainly there with Agnes Nixon, with All My Children, with Erica Kane, with our incredibly passionate viewership…I would love to [continue] and we are trying as we speak to work that out, and I’m just waiting for a response at this moment” – Susan Lucci speaking to NPR

Earlier this month reports claimed Lucci had turned down an offer from Prospect Park. The actress urged her fans not to believe media reports. The reports claimed the actress was after a higher salary and shorter working days. Many put the rumours down to Lucci’s scathing attack of ABC’s axing of All My Children in the final chapter of the paper-back version of her memoir.