Soapworld: Coronation Street, Emmerdale, EastEnders and Hollyoaks

All the latest from the four main soaps this week…

Coronation Street, ITV 1

A turbulent week for Steve ahead. Steve begins the week stressed as he attends court. He is upset when the courts give his dad a long prison sentence. When Steve returns at the Rovers he finds that Becky has received the divorce papers – but refuses to the sign them. Later in the week Tracy becomes more sick and eventually collapses. At the hospital she is told that she is having twins. Knowing she is going to be having twins she seeks that Steve will be 100% to helping with the children. The confirmation is sealed with a kiss, but devilish Tracy can’t help but see an opportunity to gloat at a devastated Becky.

Also this week: The return of Jeff makes Sally wonder if she should reconsider her options with him just as Kevin assumes himself and Sally are an item once again. Sophie is shocked when she witnesses Amber kissing a girl at a lesbian bar. Eileen’s 50th birthday isn’t without drama as she ends up stuck on the factory roof!

EastEnders, BBC One

Events come to ahead this week in the case of the Moon saga. Eddie has become increasingly suspicious of the relationship between Michael and Vanessa. Craig overhears Micheal demanding that Vanessa ends things with Eddie. An angry Eddie confronts Michael and later goes to Vanessa’s flat where he finds a bag full of money. Pushed into a corner, Vanessa confesses all to Eddie who is shocked to learn what Michael has been up to. Eddie enlists the help of Vanessa to get revenge on Michael. Vanessa is unaware that she is actually being set up, as Eddie later snatches money which Vanessa took from the safe at the gym and flees with Craig. Tyler and Anthony are shocked to learn the truth about Michael, who is reduced to tears on the floor, begging forgiveness.

Also this week: Phil gets angry when Kim suggests his problem with Patrick is to do with race, leading him to throw everyone out of the Vic including Kat and Alfie. Taking advice from Christian, Ben decides to tell Phil the truth but Phil reacts angry leaving Ben with a black eye. Ian stands up for Mandy as he tries to get a place on the WCCT committee. Tanya is reminded that she needs her family’s support in her hour of need.

Emmerdale, ITV 1

Laurel and Marlon move closer. The attraction between Marlon and Laurel dominates this week. Laurel becomes jealous when Marlon takes Rachel to the cinema for a date. After the date Marlon tells a disappointed Rachel that they are just friends. Marlon meets up with Laurel as they discuss their feelings for each other. Laurel is insistent that it can’t go any further. Despite this as Marlon goes to leave, they nearly kiss. As locals start to guess who Marlon is infatuated with he tells Rhona that it’s a married woman. Rachel however realises who the mystery woman is.

Also this week: The Dingles go for bone-marrow tests to find a match for Sarah. Andy becomes stressed over the severity of his daughters illness which leads to him being sacked from work after an altercation with Declan over Alex and Victoria squatting at Brook Cottage. As wedding preparations loom, Charity confides in Chas about her kiss with Cain. Carl gets one over on Cameron and Aaron apologises to Hazel over his recent behaviour.

Hollyoaks, CHANNEL 4/ E4

Jason stirs up trouble this week in Hollyoaks. Carl has come to accept Jason, but when he wants to go onto the next step of becoming a boy – hormone blockers, Carl refuses. This makes Jason angry who later gets arrested when he steals a moped in the village. His aggression leads him to sending a picture of Mitzeee and Riley in a compromising position to Warren. Mitzeee tries hard to convince Warren nothing happened as she contemplates bringing down the Costello family with Warren.

Also this week: Cindy gets in the way of Carmel following her heart and leaving the village with Father Francis. Will becomes frustrated with Dodger for selling knock-off goods but regrets his attitude when he realises what his brother has sacrificed for him. Ash reveals exactly where she is living as the rest of the students settle into life at university halls – with the boys learning how to use the washing machine!