Louis Walsh's X Factor choices blasted by fans

X FactorX Factors are unhappy about Louis Walsh’s choice of finalists.

Walsh has the Over 25’s and in the weekend editions of the X Factor fans saw the judge pick which acts he wanted to take into the live shows. Walsh decided to put Jonjo Kerr, Kitty Butcknell and Johnny Robinson through to the live shows as well as Goldie Cheung – but she has quit the series for fear of being the new “joke” act ala Wagner and others. Walsh’ choice of acts have gone down well with the internet savvy, social media using fans.

As per most years fans took to the internet to register their dislike of the choices and some have even, predictably, called for him to be axed. The angry fans claimed the judge was picking acts for entertainment value rather than talent. That’s nothing unusual for the X Factor with previous years featuring such ‘acts’ as Jedward and Wagner. However, despite the angry postings of fans Louis Walsh has stood by his decisions and is quoted in The Mirror as saying “I absolutely stand by the final four. It’s not just about a person’s vocal, it’s about the whole package. No one wants to hear just singers, they want personalities. My acts will more than prove their worth.”

The X Factor has always provoked strong reactions from fans especially at the judges stage of the competition when many do not agree with the acts which make it through to the live rounds.