Thomas Jane reveals he experiment with his sexuality

{jcomments off}Thomas Jane, star of HBO series Hung, has revealed he experimented with his sexuality when he was younger.

The actor admitted he slept with other men while he was a teenager in Los Angeles. The actor upset some fans last year with a comment that was perceived to be ‘anti-gay’. Jane said for him Hung would be over when his character of Ray Drecker ended up with a “penis in his mouth”. Hung revolves around Jane’s character who is an escort. His comments at the time were perceived by some as being anti-gay but the actor hopes his new revelation about his own past will help fans understand what he really meant.

“Ray’s definition of sex is very narrow, and that makes for good television… If we had a character that was very accepting and free and open to trying new things, we’d be [having sex with] an elephant in a circus by Season 3. We get much more mileage out of taking a guy who’s very repressed but doesn’t even know that he’s repressed.” –
Thomas Jane speaking to The L.A Times

Jane basically says that because the character is so repressed once you open up the character in such a way it would be the end of the series because his arc would be over. As for his own experimentation in his past the actor told The L.A Times You’re a lot more open to experimentation as a young man,. And for me, being a young artist and broke in Los Angeles, I was exploring my sexual identity.’

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