"Homophobic" Android app ditched by Google

Google developers have ditched the controversial “Is My Son Gay?” Android app after strong opposition.

Lead by AllOut.Org members a campaign to express distaste at the app culminated in an extensive twitter campaign. Hundreds of members tweeted their outrage and demanded Is My Son Gay? be dropped.

The app was slammed for being homophobic and relying on stereotypes, posing such inane questions as “does he read the sports pages?” and “does he care about how he dresses?” The app was commissioned by Frenchman, Christophe de Baran, who himself is openly gay, and is releasing a book also called “Is My Son Gay?”

Andre Banks, co-founder of AllOut.org, said, “We are pleased that Google developers have heard the voice of the LGBT community and pulled the app. Apps such as these are outrageous and only serve to further negative stereotypes and homophobia.”

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