Sean Maher reacts to his coming out story

Actor Sean Maher has spoken about the reaction to his interview last week in which he announced he was homosexual.


The current The Playboy Club star for NBC told Pink News about last weeks events which started with an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“I had lunch with Tanner Stransky from Entertainment Weekly and we talked for about two hours. I was extremely candid and I left terrified because I told him everything.” He also added, “It was about noon on Monday when I came out of a yoga class and my BlackBerry started having a seizure. It went crazy. I knew the story must have been published”

Since the interview Maher has seen 5,000 new followers join him on Twitter.

“I couldn’t tear myself away from my computer. I’d glance away to look at my BlackBerry and when I looked back I’d have 250 new tweets. I read each and every one of them. I didn’t see any negative responses” he told Pink News. Earlier this week he told; “I’m still overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. I expected a positive response, but I did not expect such a large scale of positive response, especially from the media and within the business, too.”

The original interview with Entertainment Weekly also covered the fact Sean is one of only a handful of high profile gay parents. And it was this chapter in his life, which ultimately lead to Maher kicking open the Hollywood closet.

“When my daughter was born we decided I’d be a stay at home dad for the first two years. During that time she had a huge impact on me. I learned so much from her about who I was as a parent. I realised that by living in the closet I wasn’t being true to myself: the values and the morals we’re trying to instil in her were contrary to the way I was living my life,” adding, “for us adoption rather than surrogacy was the path we wanted to take. I’m a huge fan of adoption.”