Which soaps would you like to see released on DVD?

Brookside cast 1982

Thanks to DVD release some classic soaps are enjoying a new lease of life and popularity – finding a whole new generation of fans. Releases of Crossroads, Emergency Ward 10 and Emmerdale Farm have proved popular with fans but are these ‘forgotten’ soaps you would like to see released on DVD?

The Cedar Tree, CastAt the end of the month two 1990 soaps, London Bridge and Revelations, will get their first DVD release – opening up the two serials to new fans who have probably never even heard of either soap. The releases of Crossroads proved so popular that Network DVD released 20 ‘archive’ editions which contained remaining episodes in chronological order from 1965 through to 1979 – in all 20 were released and fans are hopeful that further editions will be released in the future.

But there are some soaps that are yet to find their way onto DVD – General Hospital, The Cedar Tree, Market at Honey Lane, Marked Personal, Gems, Families, Brookside, Eldorado, Night and Day, Family Affairs to name but a few and there are plenty more we haven’t name checked. That doesn’t even include Australian and American daytime soaps which have captured big audiences over here in the past.

So ATV Today is asking you which soap – not currently available – would you like to see released on DVD? The only condition we set with this question is that it must have been broadcast, at some point, in the UK.

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  • Kirsti Fitzpatrick

    I would love to see the following TV series on DVD:
    Angels 1970’s hospital series, Crossroads, Coronation Street,
    The Young Doctors(Australian soap), The Cedar Tree, Albion Market,
    General Hospital, The Practice just to name a few it would be great to see these out on dvd