Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor: Did the right acts go?

X FactorThis weekend saw former Tory MP Edwina Currie become the first celebrity booted of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing while four acts were kicked off the X Factor; James Michael, 2 Shoes, Amelia Lily and Jonjo Kerr. But should Edwina have left Strictly first and did the X Factor judges make the right decision?

The big twist for the first live X Factor edition of 2011 was each judge had to send one of their own acts home and the general viewing public had no say whatsoever. Obviously such a big twist is bound to prompt much debate amongst fans as they argue who should have gone, who shouldn’t have gone and which judge made the wrong decision. Four acts were booted off the X Factor last night; James Michael, 2 Shoes, Amelia Lily and Jonjo Kerr – but should they have been? Did the judges send the right acts packing?

Over on Strictly Come Dancing former Tory MP/Cabinet member Edwina Currie became the first celebrity to be booted off this year’s series. Currie was in the bottom two with Nancy Dell’Olio but it was the politician who was sent home to the disappointment of some – but was it the right decision?

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