High Stakes delivers low ratings for ITV

Jeremy KyleJeremy Kyle’s new ITV gameshow High Stakes got off to a dismal start on ITV1 last night according to overnight figures.

If ITV had high hopes for High Stakes then they’ve probably just been dashed because the ratings for its first episode are anything but good. High Stakes launched on ITV1 at 8pm last night and was fronted by Jeremy Kyle who can usually be found as part of the broadcaster’s daytime line-up shouting at his guests and doling out DNA/Lie Detector test results on his controversial chat-show. High Stakes is Kyle’s first major venture outside of daytime and perhaps he might just wish he had stayed there. Last night’s first episode of High Stakes was seen by just 2.2 million viewers at 8pm. On the brightside though things can only get better for High Stakes, right? I guess we’ll just have to wait for next week’s figures to find out that.