Head of Episcopal Church backs consultation on marriage equality in Scotland

What is fast becoming a religious soap opera in Scotland rumbles on with those for and against same-sex unions in Scotland continuing to publicly state their views on the issue.

This time Reverend David Chillingworth, Head of the Episcopal Church in Scotland, has offered his support to the idea of a consultation on marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

Writing in the Scotsman newspaper he states that his church may “consider changing our canonical definition of marriage”, adding that it was up to the government to decide on the legal changes required, “If, following the consultation period, the Scottish government and parliament feel that they should legislate in this way, I believe that it is their right to do so.” He said.

The latest comments come after a high profile campaign against changes to the law by the Catholic Church whose Bishops are accused of “imposing” their views upon everyone else. The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie told his party conference last weekend that the bigotry and un-Christian attitude shown by the Scottish Catholic church was “an affront to liberal democracy”. Reverend Kelvin Holdsworth of the Provost of the Episcopal Cathedral went on record earlier this week as being “embarrassed” by the remarks of the Catholic leaders and their views on same-sex marriage.

Many religions have seen a falling congregation to their churches as more and more people choose a more liberal view point and a ‘live and let live as long as it isn’t harming anyone’ attitude to fellow humans.

“Jesus did not call the church into being as a citadel of orthodoxy. He was constantly criticised because he spent time with people who didn’t fit the conventional patterns and were deemed unacceptable by others.” Chillingworth adds.

Representatives from several other religions, including Liberal Jews and Quakers have supported the move to celebrate gay weddings.