Commonwealth countries to be asked to decriminalise homosexuality

Commonwealth Flag{jcomments off}Leaders of the Commonwealth countries will be asked to decriminalise homosexuality in their countries according to reports.

Pink News reports that at next week’s meeting of Commonwealth heads of government leaders will be asked to decriminalise homosexuality. At present there are 51 countries in the Commonwealth, formerly know as the British Commonwealth, but only a handful of them hace legalised homosexuality. In all there are 41 countries – such as Uganda which has a strong anit-gay movement – which criminalise homosexuality.

Australian delegate Michael Kirby has revealed that next week’s meeting in Perth will call on governments to de-criminalise homosexuality. The move is backed by gay rights campaigner Pete Tatchell who is calling on people to lobby Commonwealth leaders to show their support. However, any such move to decriminalise homosexuality within the Commonwealth will meet with opposition from some countries – especially African countries – where homophobia is rampant.

The British government recently signalled it was prepared to cut aid to countries which persecute gay communities or which have anti-gay policies. The move by the UK government comes as it plans to increase the amount it sets aside for foreign aid and demonstrates the country’s commitment to gay rights.