Scottish Catholic leaders fear gay marriage consultation is a 'sham'

{jcomments off}Leaders of the Catholic Church in Scotland reportedly fear the public consultation on the legalisation of gay marriage is a “sham”.

Perhaps realising they may just be losing the public debate on the issue after several outspoken and vicious attacks on marriage equality the Catholic Church in Scotland is now trying a different tact – or so it would appear. High profile members of the Church have repeatedly attacked the SNP’s proposals to legalising marriage within Scotland. The Churches heavy handed criticisms has led to wide-spread condemnation.

The Church fears that the SNP led administration in Edinburgh will legalise gay marriage whatever the outcome of the public consultation. – surveys in Scotland seem to indicate that marriage equality has 61% public support. The Catholic Churches fear seem to stem from comments made by Peter Wishart, a SNP MP at Westminster. Speaking at a recent fringe event at the SNP conference in Inverness Wishart is quoted, by the Scotsman, as saying  “What I believe will happen is that our government, over the course of the next few years, after this consultation, will bring forward legislation which will ensure we will have equal marriage in this country. I’m proud of that, I’m proud that this is the party that will be leading us forward, and I look forward to that new Scotland that we’re trying to build”.

The Catholic Church in Scotland has seized on the comments though crying blue murder and saying the comments contradict previous assurances given by Alex Salmond to gay marriage critic Phillip Tartaglia, Bishop of Paisley. A spokesperson for the Church in Scotland said ‘This is a direct contradiction of what we were told personally by the First Minister on 7 October when the bishop raised his concerns. The First Minister said no final decision had been taken and the onus is on Pete Wishart to withdraw that statement or on Alex Salmond to admit that the consultation exercise is a complete sham’

The Catholic Church seem to be missing the point that Wishart was giving his own personal opinion with a big pointer to that fact being the words “What I believe will happen….”. This is the latest twist in the saga and doubtless they’ll be plenty more twists, turns and attacks by the Catholic Church to come yet.

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