Helen Flanagan reveals why she quit Coronation Street

Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan has revealed why she has quit ITV soap Coronation Street.

The actress has played the role of Rosie Webster since 2000 but earlier this month it was announced she was quitting the Manchester based soap. The news came after the actress reportedly suffered from several panic attacks on the set and her decision to quit was linked to those attacks. However, in a new interview with Hello magazine the actress reveals the real reason why she decided to quit Corrie.

“I didn’t enjoy playing her when she went through a promiscuous phase. I’d always felt I would leave by the time I was 21, but when I made up my mind, it wasn’t even as if I had Rosie Webster as a gotha choice. I just knew instinctively. After 12 years playing Rosie, it is time to be myself.” – Helen Flanagan in Hello magazine

Rosie Webster has certainly had her fair share of men and drama over the past few years on the street. Her affair with John Stape (Graeme Hawley) nearly destroyed his relationship with Fizz (Jennie McAlpine) and resulted in Rosie being kidnapped by him not once just twice! Before that there was Rosie’s infamous goth stage with boyfriend Craig Harris (Richard Fleeshman). When Craig decided to quit Manchester for Berlin Rosie nearly left with him but at the train station decided she couldn’t leave her family behind. More recently Rosie has tried to launch her own modelling career following a stint working at Underworld as a P.A.

You can read the full interview with Helen Flanagan in Hello magazine