Ruth Davidson: David Cameron is not my boss

Tories{jcomments off}Ruth Davidson, the newly elected leader of the Tory Party in Scotland, has said that David Cameron isn’t her boss – putting distance between herself and the Prime Minister.

Davidson was named as the leader of the Scottish Conservative party on Friday beating fellow candidates such as Murdo Fraser and Jackson Carlaw and Margaret Mitchell. Davidson is the first openly gay person to lead a major UK political party and was only elected to the Scottish Parliament in May of this year. Speaking at a press conference after winning the leadership race it appeared as though Davidson was trying to distance herself from the UK Conservative Party when she stated ‘While David Cameron is my prime minister, when he comes to Scotland he’s not my boss – we’re colleagues’.

Davidson also outlined her approach to policy in Scotland stating ‘I’ll be making a vision that is right for Scotland, right for the Scottish Conservatives, and I hope very much to work with our prime minister. But if he needs a quiet tap on the shoulder, then I’m just the girl to do it.’. Davidson stated she supported keeping the NHS free at the point of access but on education wants more freedom for parents to choose their schools.

However, Ruth Davidson has taken over a deeply divided party – some of whom want to change the parties name because of its negative connotations. The Tories in Scotland are still deeply mistrusted and disliked by an electorate who remembers Maggie Thatcher’s years in power. There are some predictions the Tory party north of the border could “implode” because of the divisions which Davidson may not be able to overcome.