John Barrowman up for Doctor Who movie

John BarrowmanJohn Barrowman has said he’d be open to reprising his role of Captain Jack Harkness in a Doctor Who movie but crucially only if it starred David Tennant in the role rather than Matt Smith.

Although Barrowman first appeared in the role of Captain Jack alongside Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor, in 2005, it is with David Tennant – who played the Tenth Doctor – that the actor would like to star alongside in a possible Doctor Who movie. Barrowman appeared alongside Tennant in the three-part season three finale and also returned for the two-part season four finale (The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End) as well as a cameo appearance in the actors last story; The End of Time, Part Two.

While Barrowman has consistently stated he is open to a return to Doctor Who and hopes to be part of the shows 50th anniversary celebrations in 2013 if there were ever a movie and if he was asked to star in it then it would be alongside Tennant the actor would wish to appear. On the possibility of a movie the actor told RTE ‘I think that Torchwood, more so than Doctor Who, lends itself to being a big film because it’s more adult. Now if it was Doctor Who with David playing the Doctor—I’m going to get in trouble for saying this—I’d happily do a film with him.’

The idea of a Doctor Who movie has been mooted numerous times and for all intents and purposes the project is stuck in development hell. When the original series ended in 1989 a movie version was widely discussed but ultimately – after many twists and turns – what became of it was the 1996 television movie starring Paul McGann. After the failure of the television movie to kick-start a new series the prospect of a movie was once again discussed but got stuck in limbo – where it still remains. Budget cuts at the BBC – which Doctor Who is sadly not immune too – means the likelihood of a big-screen movie isn’t high.

If there were to be a movie its possible it would follow the example set by the two 1960s Dalek movies which starred Peter Cushing rather than William Hartnell, who was the lead actor of the series at the time, and remade the first two serials that featured the popular metal monsters.

(Via Blastr)