Gay couples in America prefer marriage to civil unions

gay marriage{jcomments off}A study in America reveals that more gay couples are taking advantage of equal marriage rights, which now exist in some states, than civil unions.

A study has been conducted by The Williams Institute to create a countrywide representation of demand for gay marriages – the study compared numbers of gay marriages to civil unions. The study has reportedly found that 140,000 gay couples have taken advantage of gay marriage laws that now exist in some states – with many couples travelling to states that offer gay marriage.

Not all states in America have legalised gay marriage with New York, Vermont and Iowa amongst those areas in the country where gay marriage ceremonies can be performed. Other states are opting for civil unions while some are trying to ban marriage equality outright. It’s an issue that has divided opinion but increasingly marriage equality has gained support for high profile celebrities such as Anne Hathaway.

Around the world there are only a handful of countries that currently have legalised gay marriage, such as Spain, Canada, Norway and Belgium. Denmark announced last month it intends to introduce gay marriage next year while closer to home David Cameron and Alex Salmond – the Scottish First Minister – have both announced plans to hold public consultations on legalising gay marriage.