Prospect Park halt All My Children re-launch

All My ChildrenProspect Park has put the planned re-launch of daytime soap All My Children on hold.

The Agnes Nixon serial was axed by ABC earlier this year along with One Life to Live – also created by Nixon. However, a deal was struck to save both soaps by re-launching them online with Prospect Park taking over the producing reigns. However, for some time now a question mark has been hanging over the planned re-launch of All My Children with some questioning whether it would actually happen.

Well news is the planned re-launch of AMC has been put on hold, indefinitely, by Prospect Park. Why? Well the company has had more success recruiting One Life to Live actors and crew members to remain on after its January television finale than it has had with AMC which ended in September. Only three actors had signed deals to remain with AMC and original cast member Susan Lucci was not one of them – many doubted the soap could survive without the presence of diva Erica Kane.

The difficulty in securing AMC cast members – some of whom have signed up to join the casts of rival soaps such as The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful – is probably partly to blame for Prospect Park’s decision. It will no doubt devastate AMC fans who were looking forward to the soaps post-ABC future.